12 Reasons to Buy American Taliban NOW

Twelve reasons to buy AMERICAN TALIBAN now (pub date: April 13). Please don’t hesitate to add your own reasons and share them with your network of family and friends, and ask them to share them with their network of family and friends, who will (I hope) share them with their network……………….

1. A novel like this encourages the reader to pay attention to the world and to ponder complex issues. — Bookpage

2. The author has taken a complex and volatile subject and brought it to a human scale, without compromising or trivializing the global importance of the issues raised. An incredible achievement; highly recommended. —Christine DeZelar-Tiedman, Univ. of Minnesota Libs

3. It’s a heart- and mind provoking tale that Abraham, who was raised as an Orthodox Jew, has fashioned with nerve, verve, and righteous vigor. -Lisa Shea for Elle

4. Abraham’s breathless, exhilarating style matches the timely subject matter as she grapples with the question of how a search for truth might lead a normal American kid into the jaws of the sworn enemies of his homeland. –Village Voice

5. AMERICAN TALIBAN transforms unknowable jihad into something legible, familiar, and as deeply American as the search for self. As her unlikely hero John Jude Parish surfs, grinds and prays his way to ecstatic becoming, Pearl Abraham transforms the imperiled American novel into something intellectually bold and morally urgent. A virtuoso performance. — Stephanie Grant, author of The Passion of Alice

6. The book is excellent—considered, magnetic, surprising. -Publishers Weekly

7. “[A] wonderfully intimate portrait of how a more or less ordinary American boy might be seduced by the idea of submitting to Islam. The stages of John’s journey, and the many Muslims he meets along the way, are evoked in such vivid and persuasive detail that I felt I too was learning about the ancient wisdom of this complex culture. American Taliban is a fascinating and important novel.” – Margot Livesey, author of The house on Fortune Street

8. “Riveting and revealing, Pearl Abraham’s bottomless imagination has created an intellectual page-turner for our brave new world.” – Gary Shteyngart, author of Absurdistan

9. Consensus: Abraham covers a very volatile subject with grace and feeling. –Lit Review

10. Her thoughtful approach to the characters and honest appraisal of the events make what could have been merely provocative into a challenging and effective novel…. “American Taliban” should be a must-read for anyone interested in current events. – Lauren Bufferd

11. When I glanced at the title of this book, I thought I knew what I was getting into. I had no clue. AMERICAN TALIBAN is so much more than just the story of an American kid who ends up joining the Taliban. John Jude is a superb literary creation: the smart, generous, open-minded teenager that every parent would be proud to raise. Well-written to the point where you can’t put the damn thing down, AMERICAN TALIBAN is empathetic, enlightening, and frightening all at once, a story that not only opens your eyes but gives you ideas to learn from, viewpoints to argue with. It is a rare delight to be given a novel that acutally makes you tink, rarer still to have a book utterly rip open your heart. AMERICAN TALIBAN is that rarest of accomplishments, one that does both at the same time. -Charles Bock, author of Beautiful Children

12. Abraham’s riveting fourth novel shows how the unthinkable can happen when a young American dreamer becomes a fanatic. In the months leading up to 9.11, college bound John Jude Parish–lover of Dylan and the Tao Te Ching–becomes smitten with the rigor and doctrinal purity of radical Islam. He ends up thirsting for self-abnegation in the forbidding mountains of Pakistan. This nuanced portrait of a homegrown terrorist goes far beyond the headline evoked by its title to explore the imperatives of love, the lure of exotic adventure and the rocky terrain of faith. – MORE magazine

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