Advance Testimonials

“A riveting and revealing novel. Pearl Abraham’s bottomless imagination has created an intellectual page-turner for our brave new world.”
— Gary Shteyngart

“As her unlikely hero John Jude Parish surfs, grinds and prays his way to ecstatic becoming, Pearl Abraham transforms the imperiled American novel into something intellectually bold and morally urgent. A virtuoso performance.”
— Stephanie Grant

“It is a rare delight to be given a novel that actually makes you think. Rarer still to have a book utterly rip open your heart. AMERICAN TALIBAN is that rarest of accomplishments, one that does both at the same time.”
— Charles Bock, author of BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN

“In her new novel Pearl Abraham offers a wonderfully intimate portrait of how a more or less ordinary American boy might be seduced by the idea of submitting to Islam. The stages of John’s journey, and the many Muslims he meets along the way, are evoked in such vivid and persuasive detail that I felt I too was learning about the ancient wisdom of this complex culture.”
— Margot Livesey

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